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As so many people have lost their jobs during these uncertain times we thought we would create a very simple jobs board so members can post any employment opportunities they may have at their organisation or jobs that are available to the wider community. Ā 

Iben followed 2 years ago
The Federal government has launched a new simplified platform for employers seeking to find new staff via the Job Search website.

It's free to advertise for employers.
Rob updated 2 years ago
If you're an Illustrator who's wanting to expand their profile and sell illustrations via digital downloads this Slokavian start-up is looking for new artists.

They match up art directors, advertising agencies and digital marketers with the best illustrators from around the world.
Iben followed 2 years ago
Telstra employment opportunities:

In response to increased demand in Telstra call centres due to Covid-19, Telstra is recruiting 1,000 temporary roles across Australia. See the opportunities below.